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Geotechnical Services

Our Geotechnical experience includes a wide variety of public and private projects. 

FHLA's staff routinely performs site evaluations to determine the appropriate engineering properties of the soils for

Buildings Pavements
Highways Towers
Bridges Airports
Dams Utilities

Our work involves the testing and analysis of subsurface soil conditions including supervision of soil borings and/or test pits excavations; supervision of core drilling; examination of soil and rock samples in our laboratory; determination of depth to bedrock and water table; performance of field testing of soils; analysis of results; recommendations for bearing capacity and foundation design; and provision of specifications for supervision of controlled fill placement and footing construction. When problems arise during construction due to poor soil, groundwater, settlement, etc., we are often called in to determine the cause and prescribe the cure.

We are available to provide any or all of the following engineering services: 

Subsurface Investigation and Analysis including 
borings test pits or auger borings
Laboratory Testing of Soils
Construction Materials Inspection and Testing
Monitoring of Pile Driving Operations
Percolation/Permeability Tests