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Pavement Services

Frank H. Lehr Associates is ready to serve your pavement engineering needs from project design through construction and into service. 


Our staff of Professional Engineers can design a subsurface investigation program to gather the necessary information for a proper design for your new pavement or to determine the causes and remedies for existing pavement distress

We are equipped to perform laboratory and field design testing necessary to provide the required design information. 

Our Engineers review and analyze the subsurface information, soils testing, and projected traffic loading, and design a pavement to serve your needs. 


Our asphalt testing services include monitoring of paving operations in both the plant and the field. We can provide certified FAA or NJDOT inspectors, for your paving project. 


  • Verification of Job Mix Formula
  • Marshall Plugs (Air Voids, Bulk Specific Gravity, Maximum Specific Gravity, Stability, and Flow) 
  • Extraction Tests 
  • FAA Acceptance Testing 


  • Monitoring Surface Preparation and Subgrade Inspection
  • Mix Placement including laydown temperature, mat thickness and yield
  • Compaction Testing - Nuclear Density Guage
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Coring

Pavement Management:

Our Engineers can conduct a Pavement Condition Survey to allow you to better plan your long and short term maintenance and to maximize your pavement's life. 

Upon completion of the survey, we can prepare plans and specifications for the necessary repairs.