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Frank H. Lehr Associates' Structural Engineering staff works for and consults with Architects, Owners, Municipalities, Governmental Agencies, Governmental Officials, Contractors, Attorneys, and other Professional Engineers to provide timely, efficient economical, construction-wise designs for their structural projects. The services encompassed include:

* Design of building structures 
* Design of foundations using soil parameters developed by FHLA Geotechnical Section or other agencies 
* Imaginative solutions to structural problems having to do with structural element failure as well as time related deterioration such as rot, insect attack, corrosion; pollution related deterioration; damage caused by accident, wind, seismic forces, etc 
* Design of sheeting and other temporary soil supporting methods 
* Underpinning of undersized or settling foundations 
* Temporary support of parts of structures to allow removal or installation of building elements 
* Design of unusual foundation expedients such as piles, caissons and grade beams
* Structural framework modification, reinforcement and/or replacement to allow building modification, addition, renovation or repair 
* Design of special structures such as towers machinery support platforms, crane and monorail supports 
* Consultation to the insurance industry 
* Investigation and reports of existing structures, their capacities and condition
* Evaluation of structures for possible alternate uses 
* Expert testimony connected with litigation and arbitration 

Inspection of structural work in progress 

Frank H. Lehr Associates has a long history of service connected with the solution of structural problems. The types of structures involved include industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, towers, craneways, retaining walls, bridge abutments, bridges, dams and dam-related structures, site structures, light support structures, roof-top structures, equipment platforms, etc.